From the Pastors Desk

Welcome to Abundant Life.  Our purpose, as a place of worship, is to provide an opportunity for men and women, along with teens and children, to explore their God given potential.  As the scripture states, “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!"  We invite you to worship with us and lift up your soul in praise.

The door, to the presence of the Lord, is opened by praise.  “Enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and into his courts with Praise.”  It does not matter what your ethnicity or cultural background is.  The arena of “Praise and Worship,” unto Jesus Christ, will bring a sense of spiritual preparation for the ministry of the Word of God.

It is our strong belief that the Word of God is our means of instruction and spiritual guidance.  The scriptures found in the Bible must be preached.   Anything that is not in the Bible is of man, and not of God, and should not be preached.  We invite you to join with us in exploring the Word of God without the restraint of premeditated ideology or personal interpretation.  Bring your Bible and let us walk together through the words of Truth that Jesus Christ left for our instruction.  He is the way the truth and the Life.

Pastor M.D. McGuire

 Pastor M.D. McGuire & Wife 

 Pastor M.D. McGuire